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Project name: Municipal · International Trade Island original
Project type: residential, commercial
City: China · Xiamen · Sports Exhibition Center
Developers: China World Real Estate, Xiamen Municipal
Opening Hours:
Contact person:
Contact number:
Sales status: Building for sale
Municipal · International Trade Island original property introduction
2022,国贸&Municipal joint contribution - the island,Xiangan District east sports exhibition new town,Enjoy the "New sports center + New exhibition center" two high-level municipal supporting facilities,Study the core of contemporary human settlements,Create a building surface of about 80-116 square meters skyscreen seascape boutique,Full Ming square,The best of the best,Dedicated to contemporary high-level human settlements,Let life return to the good source。

The project holds the bridgehead of Xiang 'an Bridge (under construction) and Xiang 'an Tunnel (expected to open to traffic in early 2023).,Instantaneously reach the island core;Metro Line 3 (partially opened)/Line 4 (under construction)/Line 11 (planned),Rail to the whole building;Xiaxa-jin Bridge (Planning),Xiang 'an International Airport (under construction), Takasaki International Airport,Three-dimensional traffic flows through the city;Fisherman's Wharf ancient commercial street, Inner bay commercial, coastal commercial complex, coastal commercial
Municipal and international trade islands original basic information
Subordinate district and county   翔安
Building name    Municipal · International trade island original
Building address
   China · Xiamen · Sports Exhibition core [Communication map]   
Sales status    在售
developers    World Trade Real Estate, Xiamen Municipal Government
Municipal · International Trade Island original sales information
Opening time
   2023-03-10 [详情] [Real estate opened this month]   
Commencement date    
Check-in time
   2025-06-30[详情] [Stay in Property this month]   
Price details
Starting price: to be confirmed 
Average price: Sale price to be determined
Highest price: to be determined
Shop Price: to be confirmed
[Mortgage calculator]   
Sales telephone
Sales office address     Opposite the new Sports Center, Xiang 'an District, Xiamen City
Pre-sale permit     20230008
Municipal · International trade island original historical price
Recording time 均价 Bottom price 描述
Municipal · Guomao Island original building information
Size apartment     80-116㎡
Item type     Residential, commercial
Building type     
Gross floor area     36093.365㎡
Gross floor area     141949.98 ㎡
Construction unit    
Floor condition
   8 31F/34F
Decoration condition
    Tape finish
Plot ratio
    2.7   What is the floor area ratio
Greening rate     30%  What is greening rate
Municipal · International trade island original surrounding supporting
医院    Xiamen University Xiangan Hospital
kindergarten    Four surrounding areas are planned for education
Shopping center    Outlet (under construction), Minbasket City Square, Binhai Commercial Complex (under planning), Binhai Commercial Street (under planning)
Residential district matching    
Municipal and international trade island original traffic situation
Municipal · China Trade Island property information
Property status    
Property management company
   Xiamen International Trade Service City Group Co., LTD. (referred to as International Trade Service)
Property fee
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