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Project name: Xinjing Home
Project type: ordinary residential shop
City: No. 228-230, Xiangyun Road, Fengshan Academy, Anxi County
Developer: Fujian Anxi Dehong Real Estate Co., LTD
Opening Hours:
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Sales status: Building for sale

Property introduction

Xinjing home is located in Fengcheng Town old town Xiangyun Road east side, is also the core of the county center。The project is backed by Fengshan Mountain, facing Lanxi River, near the mountains and by the water, with beautiful scenery, and is a livable home with mountains and rivers。The whole community is a semi-open commercial residential complex with 3 high-rise residential buildings and 7 total buildings.50,000 square meters, total number of 620 units, residential construction area 70192.15 square meters, the first floor for commercial, the second floor for property and community residential committee office。The community plans to have two underground parking lots, with a total of 199 parking Spaces。


Building information


  • Floor area87718.38㎡
  • Floor space7859.77㎡
  • Building categoryHigh-rise residence
  • Term of ownership70年
  • Main unit68-140㎡
  • Planned number of households620套
  • Decoration condition毛坯
  • Floor condition33层

























Peripheral support


  • Traffic conditionFrom the project across Anxi Bridge 5 minutes to reach the highway intersection, with Xiamen Zhangquan formed a 1-hour economic circle, travel convenient。The entrance of the community is Xiangyun Road, with 201A road, 5 road and 1 road three buses passing by, and the public transportation is convenient。To the north, it can lead to Qingxi Bridge, Penglai Qingshuiyan, Hutou, Changqing, Gangde and other towns, and to the south is Anxi Bridge, which is 5 minutes away from Anxi County government。
  • Bus route
  • 医院Medical facilities around the project are very perfect, Anxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mingxuan Hospital, Ming Yan Hospital, etc., only about 2-3 kilometers by car。
  • 教育The project is surrounded by a school district with strong teachers. Next to the project is the branch school of No. 1 Experimental Primary School (under planning). Fengcheng Middle School and No. 1 Middle School are only 5 minutes' drive away, with rich educational resources。(At present, the project has not opened, and the degree arrangement of the community is subject to the approval of the Education Bureau documents)
  • 银行Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, postal savings and so on all have branches。
  • 购物The project is only 5 minutes away from Lianyi Runjia shopping mall, Zhongmin Baihui, Huale Shopping Mall, Xiexing Clothing Mall, County Government Square, one-stop leisure shopping。
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