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Project name: Wetland Park TOD
Project type: residential, commercial, commercial
City: The southeast side of the intersection of Huandao Trunk Road and Tongyu 2nd Road, Wuyuanwan District, Huli District
Developer: Xiamen Shengyuan Zhaoxing Co., LTD
Opening Hours:
Contact person:
Contact number:
Sales status: Building for sale
Wetland Park TOD Pului property introduction

Wetland Park TOD is located in the Wuyuanwan area in the east of Xiamen Island. Around the Wetland Park station of Metro Line 2, it adopts the overall planning mode to carry out three-dimensional development. It is the first TOD development demonstration model in Fujian, and it will build a three-dimensional city of about 600,000 square meters。

The project occupies the south line of Wuyuanwan Bay, facing the financial center on both sides of the strait, adjacent to Wuyuanwan Wetland Park and Tunnel Top Park, with superior natural ecological environment;The introduction of the first K11 Select art shopping center in Fujian will reshape the commercial core coordinates of the plate with the attitude of international top flow business。

Wetland Park TOD Pului basic information
Subordinate district and county    湖里
Building name    Wetland Park TOD Purui
Building address
   The southeast side of the intersection of Island Trunk Road and Tongyu Road 2 in Wuyuanwan area, Huli District [Communication map]   
Sales status    待售
developers    Xiamen Shengyuan Zhaoxing Co., LTD
Wetland Park TOD Purui sales information
Opening time
   2022-10-31 [详情] [Real estate opened this month]   
Commencement date    
Check-in time
   [详情] [Stay in Property this month]   
Price details
Starting price: to be confirmed 
Average price: Sale price to be determined
Highest price: to be determined
Shop Price: to be confirmed
[Mortgage calculator]   
Sales telephone
Sales office address     Metro Line 2 next to Wetland Park station
Pre-sale permit     20220038
Wetland Park TOD Purui historical price
Recording time 均价 Bottom price 描述
Wetland Park TOD Pului building information
Size apartment     143-310㎡ wide luxury house
Item type     Residential, commercial, commercial office
Building type     High-end residences, business offices, apartments 
Gross floor area     144500㎡
Gross floor area     600000.00 ㎡
agent     Self-marketing, have nest, special room marketing
Construction unit     Special house builder
Floor condition
    The house is on floors 29-31
Decoration condition
    Tape finish
Plot ratio
      What is the floor area ratio
Greening rate      What is greening rate
Wetland Park TOD Purui surrounding facilities
学校    Xiamen Music School and Wuyuan High School (under planning) (subject to the classification of the Education Bureau)
医院    Xiamen Hongai Hospital, Xiamen University Hospital of Cardiovascular Diseases, Fudan Zhongshan Xiamen Hospital
Shopping center    Introduce K11 Select Art Shopping Center, Bay Joy City, Tianhong, Huli Wanda, etc
Residential district matching     Wuyuanwan Wetland Park, tunnel top Park, etc
Wetland Park TOD Purui traffic situation
地铁    Subway Line 2
Wetland Park TOD Purui property information
Property status    
Property management company
Property fee
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