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Xiamen You Chao Real Estate Agency is a professional agency led by a real estate marketing team from Taiwan。Founded in Xiamen Special Economic Zone in 1996, the company's overall assets have exceeded 1 billion yuan and the number of employees is about 500。Deeply cultivated Xiamen for more than 20 years, based in XiamenDetailed information..
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Project real estate
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The city has a fine

Property type: Commercial/residential

Location: South of Dongyuan Road, west of Longgong Road

Kam Hill One

Property type: Multi-storey high-rise villa

Location: East of Longyue Road (Block 1 east of Longyue Road)

Municipal · International trade island original

Property type: Residential, commercial

Building location: China · Xiamen · Sports Exhibition core

Xinjing Home

Property type: Ordinary residential shops

Location: 228-230, Fengshan Academy, Xiangyun Road, Anxi County

Maoyue Jin | Yun Wan

Property type: Residential

Building location: Xiamen · East Core · Binhai East Avenue

Wetland Park TOD

Property type: Residential, commercial, commercial

Property location: Huli District Wuyuan Bay area ring island trunk Road and Tongyu Road intersection

Haicang Center TOD

Property type: Residential

Location: Haicang Business Center Station beside Haicang Bay, Xiamen

Jianfa · Mananyun

Property type: Residential

Location: Zhangzhou City Xiangcheng District Tengfei Road and Yimin Road interchange (Niuzhuangwen

Baihong cloud build the fragrance of learning

Property type: Residential

Building location: 221 Shilong Road
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