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Real estate basic concept: Architectural arrangement form (layout)
  Source: Xiamen Youchao Group Release Time: 2015-12-4 


The main layout forms of residential areas are determinant, table, centripetal and metaphorical。In actual use, it is not necessarily strictly adhered to a certain form, but often a comprehensive use of a variety of forms。


Also known as barracks, side by side。Its most important feature is that the buildings are arranged in regular rows and columns, the orientation is consistent, the layout is neat, and it is possible to obtain a better orientation, but the layout is single and stiff。


Its main feature is that it is arranged along the perimeter of the site, and the middle of the building is enclosed into a shared space (usually with parks, leisure and fitness facilities).。The shape is beautiful, and more residents can see the natural landscape outside the community。However, it will form opposite views, affecting privacy, and some buildings have poor lighting and ventilation。

  (3)Centripetal formula

The building is surrounded by a central shelf F column, showing a strong centrality。This form is more commonly used in mountainous areas, where the circular network of roads arranged in accordance with the mountain tends to create a centripetal layout。This layout has a unique flavor and a wide view。

(4)Metaphorical style

To a certain thing (such as: letters, flowers, etc.) as the original shape, after generalization, refinement, abstract into the architectural layout。The layout can have strong environmental appeal。The architectural complex can be divided into residential areas, districts and groups according to the number of households or population size. The specific control scale is as follows:

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