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[You Nest Group] Wish you all the best Dragon Boat Festival Ankang and everything goes well
  Source: Xiamen Youchao Group Release Time: 2023-6-22 



You Chao Real Estate Agency is a professional agency led by a real estate marketing team from Taiwan。Founded in 1996 in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, after more than 20 years of development, has developed into a set of real estate development, real estate marketing planning, agency, fixed assets investment, semiconductor technology investment, financial investment as one of the integrated enterprises。

For more than 20 years,Youchao Yong won the title of "Top 50 planning marketing agents in China",14,000,000 square meters marketing agent,100,000,000,000 gross salesBehind the figures comes Taiwan's experience and hard work;Cultivate Xiamen deeply and go forward bravely,Not afraid of difficulties,Creates us to continue to explore and innovate,Once again, the nest has surpassed the nest。

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