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New Year off to a good start! The airport section of Rail Line 3 participated in the city's major projects in 2023
  Source: Xiamen Youchao Group Release Time: 2023-1-5 


On the morning of January 8th,Xiamen 2023年The New Year "red start" major projects are concentrated and the airport Economic Zone station of Rail Line 3 is startedHeld at the construction site of Xiang 'an New Airport area。Wu Zidong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, Liang Xiangyang, resident deputy commander of the Municipal rail Transit Construction Headquarters, Chen Weiwen, Chen Xiaojian, He Sijin, leaders of Xiamen Rail Group, as well as leaders of relevant municipal and district departments and representatives of participating units jointly participated in the groundbreaking activity。

[Connecting "sea, land and air" to accelerate the construction of an "island and bay integrated" pattern]

Railway Line 3, with a total length of 45km, is the skeleton line connecting Xiamen Island, the eastern part of the island and Xiang 'an International Airport, of which the section from Xiamen Railway Station to Caicuo Station has been put into operation in June 2021, and the construction of the southern extension will start in early 2022。The total length of the airport section of Line 3 started this time is 8.7km,There are 5 stations and 5 sections,Upon completion, the new airport will be quickly connected to the island,In the future, it will transfer to Rail Line 4 and intercity rail Line R1,It will also open up the contact of the bay area outside the island of our city,And the air port as the core radiation surrounding areas,It has become the key node of international, domestic and southwest Fujian regional multimodal passenger and cargo flow and rapid integration,It will inject strong momentum into the high-quality development of Xiamen and the construction of the "Island Bay integrated" pattern。

[Building regional comprehensive transportation hub to drive the construction of international aviation hub]

More than a year after its opening, the Metro Line 3 train station to Caicuo section has significantly improved the convenience of the general public, especially the people in the eastern part of the city to access the island。The start of the airport section of Line 3 not only makes a positive contribution to the city's economic stability, steady growth and effective investment in the New Year, but also marks the city's efforts to implement the transportation development plan in the new era and open up the backbone bus network and aviation port connection, which has come to the "last kilometer".。

Construction is only the beginning, accelerating progress, completion is the key。next,The Municipal rail transit Construction headquarters, the Municipal Metro Office and Xiamen Rail Group will continue to follow the overall deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and municipal government,Conscientiously fulfill the main responsibilities of construction units,With "fast", "excellent" and "real" style to practice the "three three effects" requirements,Take quality and safety as the guide,In-depth implementation of the project construction "whole process, all factor management improvement" concept,Strive to build a large-scale regional comprehensive transportation hub in line with the positioning of "two high and two modernized" cities,Promote the construction of Xiamen international aviation hub,To ensure that the metro line and the new airport opened on time,For our city to take the lead in achieving the goal of socialist modernization,Contribute to the strength of Xiamen Metro。

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