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【mg官方电子平台】 With sun, moon and stars as partners persistent sense of time
  Source: Xiamen Youchao Group Release Time: 2022-11-2 



Some of the pictures and materials in this article are from the Internet. If the content of this article infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us in time. We will investigate and deal with it accordingly。This information is for promotional purposes only. The relevant buildings, landscapes and supporting facilities are subject to government planning and actual delivery。The relevant decoration plane effect and the marked construction area are for reference only, the same apartment type is slightly different due to the building, floor, unit, etc., the specific government approval document and the "commercial housing sale contract" shall prevail。The actual school is subject to the provisions of relevant government departments and Education Bureau documents。This information is valid until 202211月28日。

Developer: Fujian Anxi Dehong Real Estate Co., LTD

Agent: Youchao Group

Project address: Next to Fengshan Academy, Xiangyun Road, Anxi County

Sales Tel: 0595-68786988

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