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Xiamen a subway again spread new news, 7.900 million project landed in Maluan Bay!
  Source: Xiamen Real Estate United Network Release time: 2022-11-2 


When will the second phase of Line 4 Lingang New City be built?The authorities responded.

The issue of subway construction always attracts a wave of attention。

Recently, some netizens asked "When will the second phase of Line 4 be built to Lingang New City??Why does No. 8 investment project online review platform site only to Maluan Bay South?What about Haicang City?”

In response, Xiamen Municipal Development and Reform Commission repliedTao: It is understood that the current project owner Rail Group is combining the land use and construction of relevant areas along the lineRelated work in the early stage of Line 4 (Houxi-Songyu Wharf section), the project site and start time will be determined according to the progress of the early stage work and research。

Source of informationXiamen Development and Reform Commission

Xiang 'an this land planning exposure

近日Some netizens asked the waste land on the west side of Tapu community in Min 'an Street, Xiang 'an District (at the junction of Min 'an Street and Binhai East, the east side of LAN Chunxiao in the construction of real estate), whether this open space belongs to Tong 'an District or Xiang 'an District?What is the future划?

Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning reply: According to a blueprint for the spatial planning of Xiang 'an District, the west side of Tapu community in Min 'an Street and the east side of LAN Chunxiao in the construction of real estate projects are planned for park green space and development reserve land。It is recommended to consult the Civil Affairs Bureau as to whether the land parcel belongs to Tong 'an District or Xiang 'an District。

Source:Xiamen Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

Xinyang West Primary School is in the process of temporary land approval

近日,Some netizens ask when Xinyang West Primary School will be built?

In response to netizens' questions,The People's Government of Haicang District replied: Xinyang West Primary School is handling temporary land approval matters and communicating with the District Environmental Protection Bureau about soil pollution。

It is understood that Xinyang West Primary SchoolTotal investment is about 28,872.48万,It is planned to build a new 60-class primary school with a land area of 32,709 square meters and a construction area of about 46,000 square meters, of which the above-ground construction area is about 30,000 square meters and the underground construction area is about 16,000 square meters。
Source:Xiamen Municipal People's Government

It's official!Fujian residential area property services to see "understand the account"

近日,The Implementation Rules for the Administration of Public Disclosure of Property Services for Residential Communities in Fujian Province (Trial) was promulgated,This "Detailed Rules" has made detailed provisions on the public disclosure of the content of property services,It is clearly required to publicize property service information such as public income, parking space management, and hydropower public stalls in the main pedestrian entrance and exit of the community,And accept the supervision of the owner。

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Detailed Rules", the property community should be set up property service opinion collection box and property service supervision bulletin board, the bulletin board should contain property service bulletin board, public income bulletin board, policy and regulations publicity board and other content, and set up in the main pedestrian entrance of the community。Among them, the use of common facilities and equipment to carry out business activities income and use, should be published before the end of the first month of each quarter, the public income and expenditure of the previous quarter to be publicized, publicity time of not less than 30 days。

At the same time, the property service enterprises should also publicize the business license, the contact information of the main person in charge, the service fee standard and the service telephone number of the franchised units such as water supply, power supply and gas supply。In this regard, many citizens said that the introduction of the "detailed rules" has clarified the content of property services that should be publicly publicized, especially for the residential property service charges, public income and expenditure, and put forward more detailed publicity requirements, which is also what the owners most want to know。

Source: Xiamen Radio and Television

超7.900 million, Maluan Bay Jimei area another project to come!

Recently, the Xingbin Maluan collective development land project was submitted for construction, with a construction area of 130,422 square meters and a land area of 36,228.6 square meters, building types including hotel and commercial, etc。

The total investment of the project is about 7.9.3 billion, to be started in September 2023 and completed in September 2025。

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