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Yes, this area of Xiamen will be expropriated and demolished!A blockbuster project off the island has been capped
  Source: Xiamen Real Estate United Network Release time: 2022-11-2 


Recently, Xiang 'an District announced on the south side of the digital economy industrial park land expropriation development plan, this timeFilm development programNorth to Lianting Road, south to Fang Shanxi Road, east to Xiang 'an Avenue, west to Lianting Road;The land involved is located in Zhengban Community, Maxiang Street, Xiang 'an District, and Houlian community, Min 'an Street, with a total of 2 streets and 2 communities。

The plan is to focus on the development of commercial service projects with a plot ratio of about 3.0, improved the land use efficiency of the area。The area of new urban residential land within the development area is 3.2,986 hectares, mainly introduce and develop commercial service enterprises, fixed asset investment of about 120 million yuan/hectare, can generate tax revenue of about 7 million yuan/hectare。According to the calculation of 600 people per hectare, it can promote the employment population of about 0.2万人。

The development of the south area of the digital economy Industrial Park is a key part of the mature development of the central and northern parts of Xiang 'an, and will help Xiatan Weinan compilation unit to move towards a more mature industrial and urban sector。It will help to improve the level of living facilities and the overall spatial quality of Xiang 'an New Town, and provide better living facilities for the industrial population in the area and surrounding areas。

Source:Xiang 'an District People's Government

Tongxiang high New Town another heavyweight project is fully capped

Recently, the Sandexin Optical Film Industrial Park, located in Tongxiang Hi-tech New Town, has been fully capped and is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in 2023。

At the construction site of Sandexin Optical Film Industrial Park project, the main workshop, office building, dormitory building and research and development building have been fully capped, and the construction personnel are currently carrying out masonry construction and formwork installation。It is understood that the total construction area of the project is about 7.30,000 square meters, the construction of optical film devices and new materials industrial park, including workshops and supporting facilities, is expected to achieve an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan。

According to reports, Xiamen Sandexin mainly produces flexible materials, optical films and other products, is a flexible optical material solution provider and service provider, products are used in consumer electronics terminals, home appliances Internet of things terminals, vehicle terminals and so on。In the future, enterprises will rely on the intelligent park, focus on the industrial development of the photoelectric display field, form a good layout of the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and build core competitiveness。

Source:Xiamen Broadcasting and Television

Zhennan No. 2 High School was approved with a total vote of over 1.8亿

Recently, Xiamen Municipal Development and Reform Commission approved the feasibility study report on the project of Zhennan Second Middle School in Xiang 'an District, with an estimated total investment of 18,226.540,000 yuan (excluding land expropriation and relocation fees, pipeline relocation fees and land use costs)。

The project is located on the west side of Xiangan West Road, the north side of Dongjie Road and the south side of the current Hongkeng Village,A new middle school with 30 classes was built,The total land area is 21521 square meters,The total construction area is 29,700 square meters,Among them: the built-up area of 21,950 square meters (including 2,450 square meters of overhead floor), excluding the built-up area of 7,750 square meters,项目The main construction contents includeTeaching building, complex building, canteen gymnasium, outdoor playground and basement, etc。

Source:Xiamen Development and Reform Commission

Jimei New Town University Town cultural and sports center plans to start before the end of the year

Recently, the municipal Development and Reform Commission agreed to approve the Jimei New Town University town cultural and sports center investment estimates, the total investment of the project is 5833.920,000 yuan, is scheduled to start construction before the end of 2022。

The project is located in the northwest of the intersection of Wenzhu Road and Bowen Road in Jimei New Town, with a total land area of 5169.97 square meters, total construction area 11383.96 square meters, of which the ground floor area of 8260.46 square meters, underground construction area of 3123.5 square meters。The main construction contents include the main civil construction, outdoor engineering, equipment purchase and installation engineering。

Source:Xiamen Evening News

The main expressway project of Xiang 'an Airport will be completed in February next year

The construction of C1 standard project of Xiang 'an Airport Expressway is non-stop。At present, the main project has been basically completed, the remaining one span steel box girder is being erected, the project has been basically presented。

Photo: Xiamen Evening News

Xiang 'an Airport Expressway is an important part of Fujian Province Expressway network planning (2016-2030), the third longitudinal Fuxia branch line, has entered the final stage of the project construction cycle, is expected to be completed in February next year。

The project starts from Shangshaxi Village, Xiang 'an District, and ends with the southern section of Xiang 'an Airport Express Road, with a total length of 10 main roads.09 km, in accordance with the two-way eight-lane standard construction, the main projects include Neicuo interworking, Xiangdong interworking, Qian埯 tunnel, Xiangdong tunnel, qian埯 bridge, Neitou Bridge and so on。

Source: Xiamen Evening News

Jimei University Town ribbon park began construction in November

Recently, some netizens asked when the ribbon park between the Jimei Electronic Innovation Center and the Rare Earth Research Institute would be started?”

In response, the Jimei District people's Government replied: Jimei University Town Strip Park, because the project involves adjustment of budget estimates and control price adjustment, the project is currently preparing for bidding, and is expected to enter the construction in November。

American University town stripThe park is located in the Baishi area of Jimei New Town, north of the intersection of Jimei Avenue and Xinglinwan Road, showing a ribbon arrangement, starting from Xinglin Bay in the west and ending in Duying East Road in the east, with a total length of 1.9 km, total land area 10.70,000 square meters。The construction of the park takes the white stone green axis of the cultural and educational district of Jimei New Town as the basic functional carrier to create a modern natural, green and innovative citizen leisure comprehensive park。

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