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New Year off to a good start! The airport section of Rail Line 3 participated in the city's major projects in 2023 [2023-1-5]
Lower interest rate + lower down payment!Heavy signal landing, Xiamen house buyers rest assured! [2023-1-5]
Xiamen a subway again spread new news, 7.900 million project landed in Maluan Bay! [2022-11-2]
Yes, this area of Xiamen will be expropriated and demolished!A blockbuster project off the island has been capped [2022-11-2]
6 plots 3 reserve price!Xiamen third land auction gold 179.1亿! [2022-11-2]
Xiamen's latest plan has just been released!5.6 billion Big Macs settled! [2022-11-2]
Down 1.21 million, 900,000, 700,000!Xiamen homeowners can't take it anymore? [2022-11-2]
Increased by 5600 yuan /㎡!Xiamen here, kill to 4.6万/㎡! [2022-11-2]
National Development and Reform Commission: Relax restrictions on household registration except for certain megacity [2022-10-27]
The new campus of Xiamen Experimental Middle School will be fully built and is expected to open next year [2022-10-27]
In June, the LPR price was released: the one-year and five-year terms were unchanged [2022-10-27]
Central Bank: May household sector medium - and long-term loans increased by 104.7 billion yuan [2022-10-27]

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